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Optimize work activity and reduce department costs

Decentralize information and integrate it at all levels of the organization

Capitalize, both economically and socially, employee management

Integrated Human Resources management

The basic objective that the role of Human Resources pursues is to align the politics of Human Resources with the strategy of the organization—an organization that is focused on profitability and productivity. To do this, OpenHR proposes to focus on workforce management, for the people who work with us as employees, internal professionals, external professionals, interns, contracted personnel, and so on. This is not a question of generation more administrative management, but a question of integrating the people who work with us into the management process.

Apart from the Employee Portal, IMS proposes the incorporation of the entire productive hierarchy in the business via the generation of information, its supervision, and integration into the managing of the business. Employees, middle management, supervisors, department or center heads, expert personnel—with all of them, OpenHR integrates into the data system and decisions of the business. OpenHR is the tool that allows us to delegate and make each person efficiently develop his or her own responsibilities.

OpenHR at every level of the business

OpenHR does not just manage Human Resources with employment contracts. It helps with all the different types of employees, including those who are self-employed, freelancers, contracted personnel, who provide added value to the business—people who work with us.

With OpenHR, they will be able to access their personal data from any computer, tablet, smartphone, iPhone, iPad, SmarTV, or other electronic device with an Internet connection. This is what we meant when we said FLEXIBILITY in capital letters.

And all of this is based on a SaaS system. This means there are neither hidden costs nor investments in IT infrarstructure. All you have to do is access and use our services via the Internet.

Ultimately, the OpenHR platform is directed towards contemporary businesses that want to benefit from new technologies and want to grow and evolve. Businesses where digital transformation is objective to survive.

Without infrastructures

Employee access from anywhere in the world, without a need for neither expensive IT installations nor technical expertise

Free support

In OpenHR, we don’t do business with our clients’ problems. That’s why our technological support is free.

Free training

Via a series of videos, our training team will show you how to use all of OpenHR’s services step-by-step.

OpenHR in numbers

OpenHR manages a large amount of information on a daily basis. The many companies that rely on us to manage their human resources stand out the simplicity and efficiency of the platform. All this in an economical and easily scalable way.

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Demonstration version

If you’d like to know more about the application, you can access the demo version of OpenHR by clicking here.


Expand the functionalities of your OpenHR
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You can create calendars and any and all levels of approval that you might need in order to approve or deny vacation requests. Year-over-year calendars, personal calendars, by department calendars, and by business calendars are all available. There is also the ability of workflow with multiple levels and without limits.

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OpenBI is a plug-in that is integrated in your Excel document and that allows you to create advanced reports with all of your OpenHR data. It is generated in DataWarehouse, independently from the database, and allows you to assists you in easily selecting the necessary data to create advanced reports.

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You’ll be able to incorporate the data from absence control to OpenHR. In this way, you’ll be able to cross check information between the attendance record, the vacation requests, and the absence control. All of this information will be visible to the employees, the supervisors, and the directors of the business.

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You will be able to incorporate your own personal system for the candidates that can add their curriculum in a direct and personalized way to your business’ recruitment system. You will be able to access this personalized web with customized offers and available job positions.

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Augments exponentially the ability to internally communicate within the business. There is a message board with announcements for the employees. There are also workspaces for the employees and a personal expert specifically for the development of new ideas, products, or processes. Notifications can be sent to employees in a global or personalized way.

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You will be able to manage objectives at both an individual and group level, including sales goals, customer service, production, etc. It incorporates a performance evaluation system that complements the goal management and that you can materialize in the form of auto-evaluation or by the supervisor.

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System that permits the business to personalize its own training courses and make them available to all employees. This includes multimedia and text systems, put together by the business itself. The system incorporates hours performed in each course and a history of courses taken. The courses can be organized in a general way or by department.

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The employees will be able to incorporate all of their notes on their generated expenses immediately, including an archive of documents. This is customizable and adaptable to the necessities of each business and each project.

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The employees and work personnel will be able to enter data in real time from their smartphone about the time they work in the centers and on tasks. This data can be validated by the supervisor and/or introduced by the supervisor, and they will be in the information circuit of the business—without waiting, without wasting paper.

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Incorporate the OpenHR Cloud in your facilities. We will virtualize all of the necessary technological tools for the correct operation of OpenHR and we will leave it installed, encrypted, and tested in your computer systems. You will be able to be in charge of your communications, your security copies, your perimeter security, etc.


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OpenHR Partners Program

From IMS, as the business that developed the OpenHR Human Resources platform, we support our network of partners, to whom we offer training in commercial and technical fields through our personalized and business-orientated training program.

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